Ricardo Diesel Generator Silent Generator


Weifang Ricardo Power Technology Co., ltd, is a leading supplier of ricardo series diesel engine, Diesel Generator, and engine parts in China.

We are Ricardo Engine Part, Ricardo Diesel Engine Part, Ricardo Engine Spare Part, Ricardo Diesel Engine Spare Part factory and supplier.

Ricardo engine for generator, with power range 10kw to 350kw, 1500rpm and 1800rpm. 295D, 2100D, 2105D, 2110D,490D, 495D, 495ZD, K4100D, K4100ZD, K4102D, K4102ZD, R4105D, R4105ZD, R4105AZD, R4105AZLD, R6105ZD, R6105AZD, R6105AZLD, R6105IZLD, R6110ZLD, R6113ZLD, R6126ZLD, 618D and 618AD model.
Weichai Deutz 226B diesel engine spare parts, Weichai WD615 diesel engine spare parts, Weichai WD618 diesel engine spare parts, Weichai WP10 diesel engine spare parts, Weichai WP12 diesel engine spare parts, Weichai WP13 diesel engine spare parts, Weichai 6160 diesel engine spare parts, Weichai 6170 diesel engine spare parts,

We can manufacture generator from 5kw to 2000kva, with different diesel engine and generator, Chinese Brand-Changchai, Weichai, Yuchai, SDEC, Lovol, Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, etc. Matched with Stamford, Marathon, and other reliable alternator brand. Open Type, silent low noise soundproof type, more types for optional.

Our main parts are head gasket, gasket set, cylinder head, cylinder block, cylinder liner, liner oil seal, piston, piston ring, fuel pump, oil pump, water pump, fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, connection rod, camshaft, crankshaft, main bearing, connection rod bearing, radiator, turbocharger, fan, belt, main shaft bushing, thrust shoes, starter, charge alternator, valve, fuel injector, etc.

Generator Model Powe                 kw/kva Frequency-Speed Engine Model Alternator Model Dimension Weight
L*W*H(m) kg
12GF 12/15 50hz/1500rpm 2110D STC-12 1.65*0.7*1.1 630
15GF 15/18.75 2110D STC-15 1.65*0.7*1.2 650
18GF 18/22.5 490D 184E 1.75*0.7*1.3 700
20GF 20/25 490D 184f 1.75*0.7*1.4 730
24GF 24/30 K4100D 184G 1.85*0.75*1.43 850
30GF 30/37.5 K4102D 184H 1.85*0.75*1.45 870
40GF 40/50 ZH4102ZD 224D 1.85*0.75*1.45 890
50GF 50/62.5 R4105ZD 224E 2*0.75*1.45 970
60GF 60/75 R4105AZLD 224F 2*0.75*1.45 1000
80GF 80/100 R6105AZD 274C 2.5*0.78*1.6 1350
100GF 100/125 R6105AZLD 274DS 2.5*0.78*1.6 1400
120GF 120/150 R6105IZLD 274FS 2.7*0.78*1.6 1450
150GF 150/187.5 R6113AZLD 274G 2.75*0.8*1.7 1500


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