PREMIER (FUJI) Hospital Bed Elevator

FUJI Hospital Bed Elevator often competes with time in vast hospitals, modern medical treatment centers, sanatoriums, medi-care centers etc. where healing the wounded and rescuing the dying are the bounden duties. FUJI bed elevator series adhere to the persistently humane thinking, apply fuzzy logic and group supervision technology from expert system, fulfill the intellectual elevator travel and reduce the patients’ waiting period to minimum extent.

FUJI Intellectual Control System

FUJI intellectual control system accurately measure the location of car during the operation of elevator; The real time calculation of the system can make sure the best running time always. While the elevator acceleration, deceleration and braking, it will be more steady, the running time for each floor will be less, the leveling accuracy improved, and bring superior riding comfort.


FUJI Digital Inverter Technology


Advanced vector conversion technology, according to human body riding comfort, it will take real—time speed adjustment. Advanced high-speed digital signal processing system can increase the sensitivity of the speed control of the traction machine, which will minimize the elevator vibration. The newest low—noise control technology can make the elevator operates quietly and steadily.


FUJI Hospital bed elevator considers sufficiently special demands of hospital in design process. Realize easy placement of medical apparatus and instruments insides elevator, providing working convenience for medical workers.

Install power off emergence device, which can move patients out of lift car even when power off, Guarantee normal treatment over patients.

Humanistic detail design like wide handrail, anion air purification inside lift car, and exclusive operation box for the disabled; Create warm and comfortable environment for passengers.


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