PREMIER (FUJI) Home Elevator HD-BT04

FUJI Home Elevator fully respect the integrity of the building, using humanized design, world-dass technology, focusing。 the beauty of the details, supplemented with modem and elegant decoration, creating a noble space exactly with the same taste of villa. At the same time, in view of the personalized demand, we provide exclusive custom to comprehensively enhance the value of house. The home elevator doesn’t need special shaft and can be installed in your home quickly and easily at any point during the construction stage or even later.

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Smooth Start, Quiet Moving


The start, acceleration, brake curves are designed according to the ergonomic theory in order to get the finest coziness. It is a genuine current vector control variable frequency drive system.

Comfortable & Silent


VVVF drive ensures FUJI operate more smoothly. Nice noise control brings passenger peaceful riding experience.


Safe & Reliable


Reasonable machine room arrangement keeps sufficient maintenance space. Parts after reliability test ensure elevator run continuously stably.


Automatic interior lighting


Use the car automatic lighting technology, give full consideration to the humanization and energy saving and environmental protection requirements, to ensure that when not in use in the lights out, no power consumption; some people use, automatically open, low power consumption, energy saving.


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