PREMIER (FUJI) Freight Elevators

FUJI Elevator Have gear freight elevator combined with elevator engineering technology and other top technology, strong drive system, high strength of the mechanical structure design, not only can accommodate heavy goods, and can operation in a variety of harsh environments. It has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, low noise, flat layer precision and so on. In the energy saving control system the large carrying capacity, can also achieve energy saving. This elevator is widely used in factories, warehouses, shopping malls and other cargo places.

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Precise position control system

The advanced sensor is used to carry on the high accuracy real-time signal feedback to the motor rotor’s state of motion, and realizes the position of the car which runs on the well path to reach the millimeter level precision, and realizes the flat layer with almost no error. The reliability of the car displacement memory technology to ensure that the elevator stops in advance to open the door and the security layer function.

Large door width

Employing multi-panel cabin doors to reach the maximum width of doors,making it easy for handling large freights.

The firm and durable car

High strength plate bending and forming technology ensures the firm and durable car, In addition, the company specially designed crash barrier to implement multi-protection to the car.

LED Energy-saving Lighting

DC drive LED lighting as the interior lighting, power consumption is very low, the electro-optical power conversion is close to 100%, in the same lighting effect, compared to the traditional light source can save more than 80%.

Automatic interior lighting

Use the car automatic lighting technology, give full consideration to the humanization and energy saving and environmental protection requirements, to ensure that when not in use in the lights out, no power consumption; some people use, automatically open, low power consumption, energy saving.


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