PREMIER Cummins 100 kVA Open Diesel Generator

Cummins 100 kVA open diesel generators engine model is LP100. Its rated power is 100 kVA / 80 kW and standby power is 110 kVA / 88 kW. This generator features Stamford brushless alternator, 220-400 output voltage, 1500 RPM speed, full digital controller, 1 set rubber mount, 1 set battery, 4 cylinders, 4-stroke engine, 4 pole alternator, base mounted fuel tank, and fuel level indicator.


Full Specification

Brand Cummins
Generator Type Industrial
Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Model LP100
Rated Power 100 kVA / 80 kW
Standby Power 110 kVA / 88 kW
Other Features Made in China
  • Canopy device included
  • Electric starting system
  • The frequency is 50Hz
  • The power factor is 0.8 (Lag)
  • Three phases output system
  • Electrical initiating mechanism
  • The output voltage is 230 to 440V
  • AVR voltage regulation system
  • Self auto on/off starting
  • One set battery & One set rubber mount
  • Dynamo battery charging system
  • Base mounted fuel tank & Fuel level indicator


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