Elevator Traction Machin (XIZI) GETM3.5H(800-1000kg)


Product introduction:
This series of motor has been modularized and standardized through advanced industrial and process design. It
can flexibly realize more than three freely-configured combinations between brakes and traction wheels. The
proportion of common components is improved and the range of use is wide, can meet different needs of
customers. Specialized technology and standardized processes fully guarantee the perfect combination of
automated production and customization of high volume products.
◆NdFeB high-performance magnetic steel with self-made rare earth material, with patented cooperation and
advanced manufacturing process to ensure the consistency and stability of magnetic steel performance.
◆Magnetic steel adopts double-layer fixing method and is equipped with imported motor overheat protection
device to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor.
◆Unique rotating shaft and outer rotor structure ensures stable operation and low noise.


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